Its never me ..

..It was just us

I almost cried , baby am here..

Or was it that she never knew

Maybe i killed with the heart

It was toxic..

Felt i played the heart

Maybe i was right

I did the most..

Huh , i never cared

It was just a lie

Its rivers flowing

She prayed i never let go

What a stand


The scenes killed and ..

How do i play safe ,,

I prayed i never loved ..

Got angry we never met

Thought i made it worse ..

Who,s this scorching ..

,,,, its all certain

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When today feels

I thought of talking

I thought of shouting

It was just a feel …

Had to leave alone


When i took to the roads

I thought…

Was it necessary..

Then the thought …

Maybe going above the skies

Maybe leaving was the word


Then we sit and talk

Its all negative

Tired of the real and thank you,s

Maybe i needed every fake

Fake reality Fake world

Maybe i could stop

Stop writing and keep smiling ..



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Was it Love in Plastic

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Could it be our last write ,

It was just a story ,

They never imagined about the tear

The soul was young and tired


Could it be the last sight ,

The reality had to be set aside

Even memories died before the present

It was struggle to the last


Could it be the last laugh

The hood just cursed the skies

Who could revive the life

Just a needle at the camel,s eye

Noone knew the story…


Could it be the last letter

It got a repeat at the doorstep

Who thought about the story

It became a reality ,

Sky red covered in black

Could it be….

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Taking it heavy 2022


Taking It Heavy
Who is this crazy..
Words painted black
….like a write talking sad

Who was the child
The rumours…
Who took the paints away

The judge was unfair
Who killed the angel
She,s never white
Body painted red…..

Black and wavy
Who brought the flowers
It was a reversed one
Falling and never waking
Just drowning…

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